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TZ1 - Zulu Warrior

TZ1 Zulu Warrior
TZ2 Zulu Warrior with torso and headdress feathers
TZ3 Zulu with rifle
TZ4 Zulu Chief
TZ5 Colonial British Infantry at the Ready
TZ6 Colonial British Infantry Firing
TZ7 Colonial British Infantry Standard Bearer
TZ8 Colonial British Infantry Officer
TZ9 Colonial British Dragoon
TZ10 Colonial British Lancer Cavalry
TZ11 Natal Native/Imperial Volunteer Cavalry
TZ12 Colonial British Mounted Officer/General
TZ13 Colonial British Horse Holder
TZ14 Standing Riderless Horse
TZ15 12pdr Gun and 4 Crew
TZ16 Limber with 2 horses and outrider
TZ17 Extra Limber Horse
TZ18 Gattling Gun & 4 sailor crew

Colonial Army Pack

100 piece army (These discounted armies are  pre-packed to our organisation)

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