Balkan wars

These figures are also suitable for the many Russo Turkish wars!

 All but the Turks can be used as WW1 types.

Also use FZ146 mountain gun and team.


Turkish infantry SBWT1,2,3,5 & 6

The 2 variants of SBWT 6, SBWT 5,1,2 & 3, ably painted by Julian Hammond.



Turkish infantry advancing

SBWT 2 Turkish infantry kneeling, at ready A
SBWT 3 Turkish infantry kneeling firing A
SBWT 4 Turkish MG & 2 crew F
SBWT 5 Turkish infantry standard bearer A
SBWT 6 Turkish infantry officer A

SBWT7 Turkish cavalry

SBWT 7 Turkish cavalry with sabre & rifle B

SBWT 8 Turkish lancer cavalry

SBWT 8 Turkish cavalry with lance & rifle B

SBWT 9 Turkish field gun & crew

SBWT 9 Turkish field gun & 4 crew J

SBWT 10 Turkish howitzer & crew

SBWT10 Turkish howitzer & 4 crew J


Turkish senior officer on foot




SBWB1,3,2 & 4 Bulgarian infantry

SBWB1 Bulgarian infantry advancing             A
SBWB2 Bulgarian infantry kneeling firing             A
SBWB3 Bulgarian infantry advancing in fur hat             A
SBWB4 Bulgarian HMG & 2 crew             F
SBWB5 Bulgarian standard bearer             A
SBWB6 Bulgarian officer             A
SBWB7 Bulgarian Cavalry             B
SBWB8 Bulgarian field gun & 4 crew             J
SBWB9 Bulgarian howitzer & 4 crew


For more Bulgarian types, use our Colonial & WW1 Russians

SBWB6,5 & 7 Bulgarian staff and cavalry


SBWG 10, 3, 4, 5, 2 & 1 by Julian Hammond.

SBWG1 Infantry advancing             A

SBWG1, 2, 4 & 5 Greek infantry.

SBWG2 Infantry standing firing             A
SBWG3 Evzone infantry advancing             A

SBWG3. Evzone, from the collection of Mark Degner

SBWG4 Infantry officer with pistol             A
SBWG5 Infantry standard bearer             A
SBWG6 HMG & 2 crew             F
SBWG7 Cavalry with sword & carbine             B
SBWG8 Field gun & 4 crew             J
SBWG9 Howitzer & 4 crew             J
SBWG10 Senior officer, on foot             A

3 of the SBWG3 variants and SBWG10.

For more Greek officers, use our colonial Japanese


SBWS 6 expertly painted by Julian Hammond.

3 variants of SBWS 1 & SBWS 2

All variants of SBWS 3 & 4.

Painted by Julian Hammond

SBWS1 Infantry advancing             A
SBWS2 Infantry kneeling firing             A
SBWS3 Infantry officer             A
SBWS4 Infantry standard bearer             A
SBWS5 HMG & 2 crew             F
SBWS6 Cavalry             B
SBWS7 Field gun & 4 crew             J
SBWS8 Howitzer & 4 crew             J
SBWS9 Senior officer on foot             A


These figures are suitable for any Balkan irregular type

The 7 variants of SBWM1 and SBWM 3

SBWM1 Montenegran infantry (in many assorted positions) A
SBWM2 Montenegran Machine gun & 2 crew F
SBWM3 Montenegran officer A


Montenegran gun & 4 crew



SBWR 6, beautifully painted by Julian Hammond.

2 variants of SBWR 1 (most variants are like the figure on the left), SBWR 2, 4 & 5

SBWR1 Infantry advancing 18/10/11 A
SBWR2 Rifleman advancing 25/10/11 A
SBWR3 HMG & 2 crew 25/10/11 F
SBWR4 Infantry standard bearer 25/10/11 A
SBWR5 Infantry officer 25/10/11 A
SBWR6 Lancer and carbine cavalry 25/10/11 B
SBWR7 Sabre and carbine cavalry 25/10/11 B
SBWR8 Field gun & 4 crew 25/10/11 J
SBWR9 Howitzer & 4 crew 25/10/11 J

SBWR 3, 6 & 7

the 2 variants of SBWR 5, SBWR 4 and 2 variants of SBWR 1, by Julian Hammond.

NC 23 Staff car. Many types from our 1870 to 1918 range are useful for the Balkan wars

(The driver is also available with a cap, but i find that sometimes figures without headgear are more multi-purpose).


100 piece army (cavalry count as 2 pieces) These discounted armies are  pre-packed to our organisation. Typical composition - 4 x 16 man infantry units, 8 cavalry, 1 field gun & crew, 1 howitzer & crew ,1 MG & crew & CinC


Turks, Bulgarians, Greeks, Serbians, Montenegrans, Romanians.