RCW 10, painted, and converted to Cossack artillery (by putting hussar heads on them!) by Julian Hammond.

RCW 3 very nicely painted by Julian Hammond.

RCW1, 5, 2 variants of RCW3 and RCW8. Cavalry are also available on galloping horse.

RCW 1 Infantry advancing in helmet A
RCW2 Infantry advancing in cap A
RCW3 Caucasian rifleman (in assorted positions) A
RCW4 Infantry standard bearer A
RCW5 Infantry officer A
RCW6 Dragoon cavalry B
RCW7 Hussar cavalry B
RCW8 Lancer cavalry B
RCW9 Cossack cavalry B
RCW10 Gun & 4 crew H


For Russian Greek voulenteers, use our Balkan wars Montenegrins


RCW 10

RCW 1, 2, 3 & 4. Great painting by Julian Hammond.

RCW 2, 1, 3 & 4, again by Julian Hammond.

RCW 8, by Julian Hammond.


BRCW 1-5, painted and photographed by John Watts.

BRCW2, 6, 11, 5 and 14. Cavalry are also available on galloping horse.

BRCW1 Infantry standing at the ready A
BRCW2 Infantry flank company standing at the ready A
BRCW3 Infantry drummer A
BRCW4 Infantry standard bearer A
BRCW5 Infantry officer A
BRCW6 Guardsman standing at the ready A
BRCW7 Guardsman flank company standing at the ready A
BRCW8 Guards drummer A
BRCW9 Guards standard bearer A
BRCW10 Guards officer A
BRCW11 Rifleman standing or kneeling A
BRCW12 Hussar cavalry B
BRCW13 Light Dragoon cavalry B
BRCW14 Lancer cavalry B
BRCW15 Scots-Grey cavalry B
BRCW16 Heavy Dragoon cavalry B
BRCW17 Foot artillery field gun & 4 crew H
BRCW18 Foot artillery 32lb siege gun & 4 crew J


Horse artillery field gun & 4 crew


BRCW 1, 2, 4 & 5, beautifully painted by Julian Hammond.

BRCW 6,7, 9 & 10, again by Julian Hammond.

For Highlanders and generals use our Napoleonic types, SBN 13-17

For Crimean Turks, use our Balkan wars Turks SBWT 1-11. Please specify Crimean period artillery for SBWT 9 &  10

Our British Crimeans can also be used for Regulation dress Indian Mutiny, China, Africa and New Zealand campaign British.


Crimean Armies

100 piece  Armies (These discounted armies are  pre-packed to our organisation)