Samurai and Asian Range

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SS1 and SS3, by Jim Doty

Figures SS2-SS7 wear sashimono and are therefore ideally suited to the 16th and 17th Century age of war. The back banner can be cut away, making the figures suitable for other periods.

SS1 (L)

Mounted Lord with Standard Bearer, seated Lord with retainer

SS2 (L)

Samurai Cavalry

SS3 (C)

Samurai Foot

SS3 above in 4 rank Block (24 men)

SS4 (L)

Ashigaru with naginata

SS5 (L)

Ashigaru with bow

SS6 (L)

Ashigaru with arquebus


Light Cannon with three crew

SS1 & 2 Samurai lords and cavalry.

SS7 light cannons, with a fantasy "Sons of set" standard bearer!

2 of the variants of SS 8 Mongol light cavalry.

SS 10, 13, & 12 Mongols, heavy cavalry bowmen, rocket launcher and generals.

SS9 Mongol Heavy Cavalry Lancer, SS11 Mongol EHC Bodyguard Cavalry

SS9 Mongol Heavy Cavalry Lancer, SS11 Mongol EHC Bodyguard Cavalry

Painting by Julian Hammond

SS8 (O)

Mongol Light Cavalry

SS9 (L)

Mongol Heavy Cavalry Lancer

SS10 (L)

Mongol Medium Cavalry Bowman

SS11 (L)

Mongol EHC Bodyguard Cavalry

SS12 (L)

Mongol Generals and Standard Bearers


Chinese Rocket Launcher and crew

SS14 (L)

Chinese Heavy Cavalry

SS15 (L)

Chinese Extra Heavy Cavalry

SS16 (O)

Chinese Light Cavalry

SS17 (C)

Chinese Spearmen

SS18 (C)

Chinese Crossbowmen

SS19 (L)

Chinese Archers

SS20 (O)

Chinese or Asiatic Archers

SS21 (C)

Chinese Heavy Swordsmen


Chinese General in 4 horse Chariot

SS9 Mongol Heavy Cavalry Lancer

SS 23 Burmese inf, very nicely painted by Nathan Hardacre of JTP painting.

SS 24 Burmese cavalry, again painted by Nathan of JTP painting.


Burmese Elephant with 12 crew

SS24 (L)

Burmese Cavalry

SS25 (L)

Burmese Infantry Crossbowmen

SS 27 & 26 Burmese/khmer inf.

SS 28 Burmese/Khmer light inf.

SS 29 & 30 Khmer regular inf.

SS26 (L)

Burmese/Khmer Infantry Archers

SS27 (L)

Burmese/Khmer Infantry Spearmen

SS28 (O)

Burmese/Khmer Light Infantry

SS29 (L)

Khmer Maiden Infantry

SS30 (L)

Khmer Regular Infantry

SS31, 33 & 34 Khmer cav and elephants. Painted by Anne Shim.

SS31 (L)

Khmer Cavalry


Khmer Elephant with warrior astride


Khmer Elephant with howdah

SS34 (C)

Tibetan Super Heavy Cavalry

SS35 (L)

Tibetan Medium Cavalry

SS36 (L)

Nepalese Infantry Archers

SS37 (L)

Tibetan and Nepalese Generals


10 Assorted Asian Standards

Samurai and Asian  - Armies

50 Strip (250 - 300 figures; cavalry count as 2 strips) Army Packs, for any of the Nations listed above. These discounted armies are pre-packed to our own realistic and balanced composition.

Mongol army pack. (contents may vary).

Choose Nationality

Samurai army pack (contents may vary).

Samurai castle, from our settlements range. Measures 5 x 4.5 inches

Samurai castle, with our fantasy ninja monks. Painting, photography and exelent shrine scratch building, by Olivier Bourgoin.